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Joe C @joe

I'm a software developer here at Tribesports.

Recently bitten hard by the road cycling bug! I also play a fair bit of football around London and sometimes do some distance running. Sprinter and regional champion triple jumper at high school level, i.e. a long time ago.

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Joe C

Contributorgold Joe C Just want to point out that @nickit has just done a 45 minute spin class despite having only one lung. Inspiring stuff!


Ahh, thanks Joe :-) Target is to do the 40km cycle leg of the Olympic Distance London Triathlon July 2014. Had to miss it this year due to the op, but the substitute team did extremely well (being 20 years younger than the rest of us!). :-)

Joe C encouraged this.


Looking forward to seeing your cycling charts going up and up over the next year!

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Joe C
Some debate in the office over proper burpee form. CrossFit devotees have different ideas...
  • 20 Burpees
  • 20 Body Weight Squats
  • 20 Push-Ups
  • 40 Mountain Climbers

Steve R encouraged this.


Well, I'm just pleased my pe teacher dave roland never read that. We happily never did burpees with that sneaky push up included!

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Joe C
Saw a kid get knocked over by a cyclist tonight. Brutal. The kid ran out into the road, totally his fault, but he was wiped out.

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I've seen that before - awful - simple innocent side step into the side of road. Somehow seems worse as its a cyclist and not a car. Hope the kid wasn't too badly hurt

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