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Josie M @josiemajch

Just began exercising. I enjoy: biking, walking, the fresh air and sunshine. Discovered I love yoga and pilates. No more Mrs. Couch Potato for me!! Thank you TS for all the support and motivation! New Motto: "Not as good as I am going to get, but BETTER than I used to be" ( by Tim McGraw )

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Josie M Carol Ann B

Contributorgold Josie M Hi Carol Ann--thanks for thinking of me---just alot going on with the husband crap and trying to figure out my life--I did get a new job, still exercising and riding the bike and going to therapy. I will be back---soon. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Thank you-----Josie


Hope all is well & we'll see you back when you're ready.. how's th new job working out? :)

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45 second plank every day for seven days! Challenge Cycle 200 kms in September 2012 Challenge Thoughtful Posture Challenge No alcohol during the week Challenge Mini Home Circuit Blast - Legs, Chest & Core! Challenge Cycle 200 miles in Septemeber 2012 Challenge Best 'Life Anthem' Tune Challenge On the Floor Challenge ZICO Coconut Water - Exercise outside and LOG IT! Challenge Get cycle fit Challenge
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Josie M

Contributorgold Josie M Drum roll on scale today-----down to 148# :D In February started at 232# 84# lost !!! Going to pedal the bike to get a chocolate shake to celebrate----it is a 6 mile pedal one way---with 2 hills :)) The hills used to give me trouble----I have not mastered them, yet, but it is easier to pedal up them now. Have to admit---feeling pretty good about myself today!!


You're still a nipper ... wait till you're my age :-) But have a great birthday

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Amazing Josie! What an achievement just in time for your birthday :).

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Josie M ZICO Coconut Water - Exercise outside and LOG IT! Challenge

Stattosilver Josie M logged 386.24 km of Cycling
I have been pedaling the bike for 12 miles 5 days a week. This total is for the month. Yes even rain or shine---I now have a rain suit I wear :) Once a week I pedal 22-24 miles with friends. They are avid cyclists and are teaching newbies like me the ropes :) Plus we stop at a local place to eat and drink when done :)

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