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Julia W @juliaw

I have always enjoyed doing workout. I love the feeling after a long run and am training for my first half marathon next year, I like yoga to calm me down and stretch my muscles, I love exercises to tone my body. Started with wake boarding last summer. Would like to play Tennis again. Love to discover new sports. I love challenges!

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Alex M Julia W

Contributorsilver Alex M Hi i want to organise a 5 km run in London at some point just for a laugh to meet other fitness minded people in London I was thinking mid July or August time let me know if you would be interested and I'll keep you posted.

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Complete 100 Tribesports Challenges Challenge Set a personal best on a training run. Challenge Tick an item off your bucket list Challenge Park Run - 5K Challenge Oooooh, fruity! Challenge Try a New Food Challenge Get fitter than you have ever been this year Challenge Enjoy the SUNSHINE!!!! Challenge Run your first 15k Challenge LAUGH!!! Challenge Get lost !!  Challenge team up Challenge Sleep all night long Challenge Run a 10k in under one hour Challenge Reduce the amount of deep fried food stuffs in your diet! Challenge Eat something you've grown yourself Challenge
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Julia W

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Baldy John - Julia W

Contributorgold Baldy John - Hi Julia thanks a million for taking one of my of my challenges and as I haven't followed you to date, I'm rectifying that now. Wishing you all the best with your goals and challenges, keep smiling :-)

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