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Justin W @justinweeks13

I am an exercise addict, enlisted in the US Navy and attempting to become a SEAL.

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Contributorgold Barbara M Hi Justin, thanks for following me and sorry for such a late reply - I have been getting my diet sorted :) as have been a bit slack lately. wow the US Navy and now the SEALs - just so awesome!! I hope your training is going well and I am sure you will get into the SEALs no problem :) you can read about me on with lots of photos and IM photos from down here in New Zealand :) enjoy!

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I do hope you do well getting back into your fitness!


Yeah, me too :) I am just having a rough patch of arthritis at the moment - it is our winter and so I suffer terribly (next year I plan on being in Australia and the Pacific Islands for a week in June, July and August so I get 7 solid days of sunshine a month) and have only been able to gym 2 days a week just recently - My goal is to get on my mountain bike this Summer and then back on my Ironman Racing Bike :) and some swimming. I should be at the hydrotherapy pool right now but $18 a week is a bit steep with all my other committments unless I put the gym on hold and do the pool instead - mmm worth a thought actually lol :) When the sun shines I am the happiest chic around and I am having a lovely afternoon in our speckled sunshine at the moment :) The All Blacks are playing Australia this weekend so looking forward to this! Am very much an armchair sportsman at the mo lol

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The pool is definitely a good non-impact exercise option. I would suggest it if you are suffering from arthritis.

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