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Karen L @karenl

You don't get it by STARING
You don't get it by WISHING
You don't get it by DROOLING
You don't get it by HOPING
You don't get it EASY

You get it by getting off your ass


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Eat Clean For A Month Challenge 40 minute walk on a Wednesday Challenge FRESH START 90 JUMPING JACKS ON WEDNESDAY Challenge Log 1000km of walking on Tribesports Challenge Do 450 jumping jacks Challenge
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Karen L Eat Clean For A Month Challenge

Contributorgold Karen L 30/31
Breakfast: boiled egg
Lunch: chicken, baby spinach leaves, beetroot & red onion
Dinner: smoked cod, carrots & parsnips
Snacks: apple, 2 x mandarin orange, banana, pumpkin seed 9Bar
Liquids: 5 glasses water, 2 cups coffee, 2 cups tea & 1 glass coconut water

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Karen L Complete 20,000 Jump Ropes in a Month Challenge

Hi Katarina. Amanda's response is bang on. I know my training doesn't always allow to work within calendar months. So, I think a 30-day period as perfectly acceptableI will amend the rules to clarify for others. Than...

Karen L Boys VS Girls Jumping Jacks - First to 250,000 Challenge

Contributorgold Karen L +450
G: 102 994
B: 115 935
We SOOOOO need more girls !!


.... that was until I saw Matteo's post lol !

Mirja E encouraged this.

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