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Kelly D @kellyd

Out-of-shape, over weight, full time working mom of 5. Time is hard, health is bad. I want to be around for my kids. I need pushed to get back, a little challenge at a time. Starting slow but I have goals.

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Deepti R Kelly D

Contributorsilver Deepti R hey i am new on this website.I happened to bump into one of your posts and i must say keep at it girl you can do it :).Mother of 5 is no easy thing.well i have been getting into a healthier lifestyle since sept 13 and lost 15 kgs.Been swimming and eating right .So try swimming it really makes a difference .Cheers :)

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5 minutes of silence Challenge 30 Days without Chocolate Challenge Smile on Monday Challenge Give your skin a natural boost -2 litres of water per day for a month Challenge Follow 10 New Users Challenge Introduce a friend to Tribesports... Challenge Enjoy the SUNSHINE!!!! Challenge No Ice-cream for 1 month Challenge Eat a  healthy breakfast for 30days Challenge No cake for a month. Challenge Breathe, Just Breathe Challenge Take a multi vitamin every day for a month Challenge Weed the garden  Challenge Read to a child. Challenge No Facebook for a day Challenge
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Louise F Kelly D

Contributorgold Louise F Hi Kelly, how is everything going? I was re-reading yor bio - and wondering if it was time for an update, to reflect the progress you have doubtless made! Level 5, ranked 1837, challenges that are now achievements, tribes joined - the list is endless!!! :-D

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