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Kiciyati K @kiciyati

I've never been into sports. I've always had a lovehate relationship with exercising but when I turned 30, I decided to turn my life around and took part in my first marathon just for the fun of it. Now, i'm very much into running and I hope to make more friends who are just as enthusiastic as me on Tribesports!

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Kiciyati K Nomi Pamaran !

Contributorsilver Kiciyati K hi Nomi! never read a bio as funny as yours! it's a good one! happy challenging!

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Tnks Kiciyati. It means a lot to be appreciated. Read ur bio. Its inspiring, girl. Stay fit and motivated. Cheers!

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Kiciyati K Patrick D

Contributorsilver Kiciyati K thanks for the follow Patrick!

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thats a pleasure Kiciyati, please send me some of your summer weather, cold and wet in Ireland all summer

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my, we're entirely on a different book when it comes to weather! yup, it's indeed hot, hot, hot here in this tiny island right now! infact, we miss the cold, rainy season! will try to get some pics for you ok Patrick!

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