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Kirstie M @kirstiem

Self confessed zumba and kettlebells addict, & walk to work most days. I do the odd bike ride with my other half but usually only if there's a pub involved! I'm trying to tackle depression with the help of exercise and good nutrition. It's tough, but I'll get there.

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No French fries for 5 days Challenge No French fries for 20 days Challenge Go Up Down The Stairs 10 Times Challenge Avoid eating horse meat for 14 days Challenge Give up caffeine for 21 days. Challenge Eat a healthy nutritious meal today Challenge Freeze! Challenge No Soft Drinks for 2 weeks (phase 1) Challenge No fried food for 1 week Challenge No Deep Fried for 2 Weeks Challenge Drink water instead of soda for 2 weeks! Challenge One week without alcohol Challenge
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Kirstie M Exercise Rep Madness - BOYS VS. GIRLS - 20,000 Reps Each Challenge

Contributorgold Kirstie M For the girls - 100 Russian twists

Bench dips 13,752/20,000
Jumping jacks 17,444/20,000
Crunches 28,606/20,000----COMPLETE
Burpees 7109/20,000
Sit-ups 11,297/20,000
Push-ups 22,059/20,000 - COMPLETE
Russian Twist 12,759/20,000
Mountain Climbers 10,552/20,000
Calf Raises 27,407/20,000---COMPLETE
Squats 23,354/20,000---COMPLETE
Bench dips 8,051/20,000
Jumping Jacks 22,993/20,000----COMPLETE
Crunches 20,760/20,000----COMPLETE
Burpees 4,445 /20,000
Sit-ups 4,910/20,000
Push-ups 20,639/20,000---COMPLETE
Russian twist 10,210 / 20,000
Mountain Climbers 13,121 / 20,000
Calf Raises 23,566/20,000 ----COMPLETE
Squats 12,657/20,000

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Kirstie M Freeze! Challenge

Contributorgold Kirstie M this is something we do as a matter of course. I usually double up for things like chilli, bolognese, stews and the like, especially when twinned with our slow cooker. I've just laid down a couple of pots of roasted tomato sauce.

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Kirstie M

Contributorgold Kirstie M I'm struggling a bit today. I'm in pain and am seriously considering taking some codine, despite the side effects. It feels like I'm going backwards if i do though. I should probably go and get some fresh air, but I'm not sure if the struggle to get my shoes on is worth the effort =(

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Kirstie M Recover from your injury! Challenge

Contributorgold Kirstie M After fracture clinic last week it turned out that what seemed to be a simple crack of the radial head was more complicated, resulting in minimalised rotation and reduced liniar movement. I had a CT scan which showed that the break had displaced within the elbow joint. On Friday I was operated on and now have 2 titanium screws holding things together. After quite a lot of drugs I eventually was sent home in plaster which has to stay on for a fortnight. After talking to the physio about exercise I'm really limited to what i should and shouldnt do (my balance - or lack thereof - leaves squats and lunges off the list, and cardio is banned until the plaster comes off). Once the plaster is removed there will be physio, and a good 3 months before I'm healed. I'm struggling a bit to keep positive. I have to choose between pain relief and the side effects from the drugs, and I can't even get dressed in the morning without help. My o/h is wonderful, and has even made me a stand for a Bradford sling for the front room, but I miss independence!

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