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Lena C @lenac

Been away for a while and not sure how long I'm back on TS for. I'm not in any set program or training right now. The kids activities come first and they are very active at the moment which I love. Soccer, BMX racing, Horseback riding etc. So I do what I can when I can and that will just have to be it for now.
Love long walks with the dog and Yoga ends a few days in the week. Traded my broken treadmill for a rowing masking will see how that goes :)

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How many sit ups can you do in a minute? Challenge Pedometer challenge Challenge 30 minutes walking on a Friday Challenge Ski or Snowboard a distance of over 100km in under a week Challenge Go two weeks without protein shake! Challenge Do the 5:2 diet for a MONTH Challenge No Taco Bell for 30days Challenge Ski down a Double Diamond run Challenge Have a rest day Challenge
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Lena C Pedometer challenge Challenge

Contributorgold Lena C Day 2 10040, Day 3 9641, Day 4 9373, Day 5 9766, Day 6 6171. don't always have the pedometer with me but make sure I get at least 5000registered on it everyday. on Day 7 but not done yet :)

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Lena C Ski down a Double Diamond run Challenge

Contributorgold Lena C Just back from trip to Puy Saint Vincent in France. It's a mountain for families mostly but there is one black run and it didn't get prepped so I did my first black off pist run this trip

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