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Aurelie L @lillylondon

2014 will be an interesting year as I will spend most of it pregnant! I am still keen on keeping fit and healthy, but of course all is a bit different now. Spinning, swimming and yoga will be my best friends. Really looking forward to 2014!

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One song workout challenge Challenge Flip A Coin (One & Done) Challenge Quick for a week Challenge Quick for a week Challenge No time workout (2 weeks) Challenge Eat ONLY real food for a week - Go natural! Challenge Non stop Bodyweight Squats  until you drop. Challenge Walk during your Lunch Break at least twice a week for a month Challenge Weekly Bath Time. Challenge Indoor Triathlon Challenge – Level 2 Challenge Indoor Triathlon Challenge - Level 1 Challenge Eat At Home 3 Days Out Of 7 Days Challenge Eat At Home 5 Days Out Of 7 Days. Challenge Eat At Home Everyday For A Week Challenge
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Boys vs. girls: Walking to the centre of the Earth and back - 12,742K Challenge Run 5 Minutes Without Walking Challenge No Coca Cola (or any cola) for a year Challenge Hold breath Challenge No Crisps for 4 weeks Challenge 365 days no tobacco Challenge GET A TRAINER Challenge Lose 10 lbs in weight Challenge Lose 10 Pounds Challenge Girls vs Boys Swimming - First team to reach 500km Challenge Try something new Challenge
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