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Loren Stella E @loren81

I train horses, run atleast 3 times a week, do yoga twice a week and just love the physical and mental challenge of exercise...nothing beats following your passion and enjoying endorphins!! Bring on the sweat!

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Ben R Loren Stella E

Contributorgold Ben R Loving your hair!!!


Oh really??? From where are you?? and i see you work with horses =D)

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Loren Stella E Learn Your Lesson  Challenge

Loren Stella E The other day my running partner and i decided to brave the cold and looming rain... I thought i needed an espresso to get through this one but we didnt have time so we put our muffs on and gloves and got moving... LESSON LEARNT: The cold and rain that eventually hit us was EXHILARATING!! No caffeine needed!! I ran like i had a double espresso in me and it was awesome!! So sometimes even when the conditions arent what we used to training in.... it can bring out a whole new amazing experience! Loved it!


Running in the (freezing) cold is great! I enjoy it better than running in a warm temperature!

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Loren Stella E

Loren Stella E Today my running partner and i officially started to train for a half marathon road run coming up, we're feeling gooood!... but first we have a 10km challenge to complete in three weeks which will be our first TRAIL challenge...time to start tackling the mountains again...yikes!!!

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Good luck with the training.

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Loren Stella E Learn Your Lesson  Challenge

Loren Stella E Caught a cold over the long weekend, not cool considering im on a training program in prep for a half marathon. So i ate well (lots of fresh vegatable soups)...loaded up on Vit C, Pelargonium sidoides capsules, water and lots of rest!! Kicked the 'cold' in four days with no medication or related infections (cough)... ready to ease myself back into the yoga studio and hopefully be back at gym by the end of the week. I am grateful that i have a strong immune system and a strong body! LESSON LEARNT: looking after yourself really does pay off in the long run( no pun intended) especially when it comes to getting ill. And that old wives tale of REST is not just a tale... another lesson learnt! Be good to yourself! :-)


So true. Ran a half on Sunday and now am fighting a cold. Will follow your advice and load up on healthful things. Good luck on your training.


Namaste' Molley...have to say i loved your bio... you took the words out of my mouth...with you there sista! Funny you should mention your cold.. i also ran a big race the weekend before so im guessing its a post traumatic stress thing from pushing ourselves. Anyways im just glad to be on the mend in such quick time. From one yoga lover to another... the minute i felt i was strong enough i did the Shakti Bandha (loosening energetic knots) practices. Made a huge difference to my energy levels. Take it easy!

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