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Loretta A @loretta

Love being active, going to the gym, trying out new things and pushing myself. This year I went downhill skiing again after nearly 20 years, did an antigravity yoga course, tried archery and went indoor climbing.
I love the feeling of being fit and healthy and that would be my primary goal. Above all, I am enjoying myself and love taking on new challenges :)

My Goals for 2014:
Walk 3000km- Completed end of October
Cycle 2000km - completed August
Run 350km (250km in 2013) - completed July
Run 520km - completed October
Swim 50km - completed August, new goal: Swim 75km

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Brenda D Loretta A

Contributorgold Brenda D Loretta. Was registering for the bull run just now to find out it's closed. Emmmmm.......wonder can you register on the day?

Loretta A encouraged this.


What a shame. Really not sure. Do you want to chance it? Don't worry if not, I am sure there is going to be another local run. Maybe something with a Christmas theme :)

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Loretta A Speed Ropers! Tribe

Communicatorgold Loretta A replied to the topic Skipping in the dark

It is still not dark enough when I go to the gym (around 7:30am) but I was so curious to find out if I could skip in the dark so I decided to close my eyes and skip.  Same thing, right?!  What a strange sensation.  I had no problems keeping the ry...

Loretta A Exercise Rep Madness - BOYS VS. GIRLS - 20,000 Reps Each Challenge

Contributorgold Loretta A 25 BD, 22.0km
Bench Dips: 6,971/20,000
Jumping Jacks: 12,101/20,0000
Crunches: 20,646/20,000 - COMPLETE
Push-ups: 7,546/20,000
Lunges: 3,813/20,000
Russian Twist: 4,990/20,000
Mountain Climbers: 5,797/20,000
Squats: 11,799/20,000
Bicep/Hammer Curl: 4,139/20,000
Distance: 1,420.12/20,000
Timed Exercises: 733:13/720 Minutes - COMPLETE
Bench Dips: 2,56020,000
Jumping Jacks: 5,945/20,000
Crunches: 8,215/20,000
Push-ups: 5,953/20,000
Lunges: 560/20,000
Russian Twist: 3,760/20,000
Mountain Climbers: 2,920/20,000
Squats: 2,826/20,000
Bicep/Hammer Curl: 1,259/20,000
Distance: 378.35/20,000 km
Timed Exercises: 334:52/720 Minutes/// (Wall Squats/Planks/Superman/Bridge) No fitness classes,,, No sports that are timed, No machines, and No dvd's!)

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Loretta A completed 4 Challenges

1 Week of HIGH-INTENSITY FULL-BODY TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM by FitnessRX Challenge Walk 3000 km in a year Challenge 7k a day for 7 days!!  Challenge Drink Green Tea every day for a month Challenge
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