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Loretta A @loretta

Love being active, going to the gym, trying out new things and pushing myself. Last year I went downhill skiing again after nearly 20 years, did an antigravity yoga course, tried archery and went indoor climbing. This year I want to do more yoga and work on my flexibility as well as working on my strength (squat/deadlift, bench press).
I love the feeling of being fit and healthy and that would be my primary goal. Above all, I am enjoying myself and love taking on new challenges :)

My Goals for 2015:
Cycle 3000km (2014: 2800)
Run 5km in 21 Minutes (New PB: 23:25 – 04/01)
Run 1000km (2014: 733km)
Swim 100 km (2014: 80.14km)
Push-up in one set: 70 (currently 60 Dec 2014)
Do an unsupported Handstand
Hold a 5:00 Minute Headstand
6:00 Minute Plank (current PB 5:37 Dec 2014)

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Australia Day - Complete an Oz Aerobics workout (without laughing) Challenge Run 5k on Australia Day Challenge Log 3000 miles of training Challenge Wall Squat - 3 sets of 90 sec to 2mins per week for a month  Challenge
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Loretta A Burpees Suck in a Good Way Tribe

Contributorgold Loretta A Don't forget


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Loretta A Log a Whole Day of Planking Challenge

Contributorgold Loretta A I hope not but sometimes it sure feels like it :)


there are days where I so look like this baby elephant :)

Kevin G encouraged this.

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Loretta A Burn 25,000 Calories! Challenge

No, way too inaccurate.  It depends not only on you age, weight but also fitness level and even then individual days can be different due to exhaution, temperature etc.  The only accruate way is a watch and heart rat...

Loretta A Boys vs Girls: First to 5,000 Pike Ups Challenge Challenge

Contributorgold Loretta A Girls, are we going to finish this?

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