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Loretta A @loretta

Love being active, going to the gym, trying out new things and pushing myself. This year I went downhill skiing again after nearly 20 years, did an antigravity yoga course, tried archery and went indoor climbing.
I love the feeling of being fit and healthy and that would be my primary goal. Above all, I am enjoying myself and love taking on new challenges :)

My Goals for 2014:
Walk 3000km
Cycle 2000km - completed August
Run 350km (250km in 2013) - completed July
Run 520km - ongoing
Swim 50km - completed August, new goal: Swim 75km

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Hold breath 45 Challenge Around the World in 80 days Challenge Hula Hoop for a minute Challenge
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Loretta A Danyka P

Contributorgold Loretta A Hi Danyka, thanks a lot for all your encouragements. Have a great weekend :))


And have a wonderful weekend too :-))

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Loretta A completed 3 Challenges

Swimming Expert (50km) Challenge Swim 50k in a year Challenge BUILD UP YOUR RUNNING DISTANCE Part 7 - 6.2 Miles (10km) Challenge
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Loretta A Swim 50k in a year Challenge

Contributorgold Loretta A +0.58.......50.10/50km :))
When I took this challenges I very much doubted that I would complete it within the 12 months but I wanted a little push to swim more than I did in 2013 (approx. 11 km in 2013, and distances of 500-750m at a time). After a good start in January, I didn't swim at all in February and March but most certainly made up for it the following months. Not only do I swim now more regularly but the distances have increased as well and normally I swim between 1-2km and my best was 3km in one go. Now onto the next challenge: do another 25km this year to complete Swim 75km in a Year

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