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Lenora P @lperkins

Former chunker, now a slimmer competitive powerlifter. I enjoy everyday as best I can because after all it's the first day of the rest of your life, treat it well.

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Lenora P Weight Lifting Is for Girls! Tribe

Communicatorbronze Lenora P replied to the topic Any girls out there?

Hey there Dee! Don't let your age stop you from doing what you want. As I'm prepping for a weightlifting meet at the end of the month I'm meeting other competitors of all ages. One that was really impressive was this one guy who recently set a...

Lenora P

Lenora P May not have been on the site as much in the past few days, but I've definitely been working on my challenges!! What makes it all worth it is the expression on people's faces when they barely recognize me because I've lost so much weight & inches :)

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50 side lunges (each leg) Challenge Mermaid Pose Challenge Saw Challenge Who's Afraid of the Dark? Not Me! Challenge Yoga Twist  Challenge Pint of milk every day for a fortnight Challenge Unilateral Lunge with Knee Balance Challenge Run Like You Stole Something Challenge Measuring Up Challenge Befriend a fellow runner Challenge inspire a friend to get fit start exercise Challenge
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5 chin ups a day for a week Challenge Crash and Burn on your Bike Challenge 60 Day Challenge - 60 consecutive days of working out !! Challenge
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