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Lucas M @lucasm

As I've aged I've come to learn the difference between being an athlete and being athletic. As Indiana Jones said "It's not the age, it's the mileage." Some days the mileage shows up in a positive light. Other days it seems I can feel every single one of them. (If you're interested in why I'm dressed that way check out It's the historical society I've been involved with ever since I was 18.)
Goals for year end 2013:
60,000 crunches logged (currently at 24,641)
20,000 Squats logged (currently at 8,520)
1,000 miles ridden on Bicycle
60,000 Jumping Jacks Logged (currently at 20,650)
20,000 Push Ups logged (currently at 6,684)
10,000 Extended Chair Dips Logged (currently at 3,989)
At least 24 Armored Combat practices or events in the year
NOT to be Injured the entire year

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Lose 8 lbs in weight Challenge Lose 7lbs (half a stone) Challenge Lose 3kgs of weight Challenge Lose 6lbs in weight Challenge Lose 5lbs   Challenge 8 Weeks (2 months) without alc.  Challenge 7 Weeks without alc. Challenge Lose 4lbs  Challenge Lose 2kgs in weight Challenge One Quarter Year with No Alcohol Challenge 6 Weeks without alc. Challenge 5 Weeks without alc Challenge No beer for a week Challenge Give a massage Challenge Get back into Swimming Challenge Santa is coming to TS Challenge
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Lucas M Complete 1000 Challenges on TS in 2013 Challenge

Contributorgold Lucas M Until my heart ailment showed up I was on track to complete 1700+. As it is I only complete 897. I'll have to quit this one. Oh well, I gave it a good shot.

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Lucas M took 7 Challenges

1 minute plank for 5 days out of 7 Challenge One Minute Plank  for One Week Challenge 2.5 Minute Reverse Plank Challenge 1.5 Minute Reverse Plank Challenge No beer for a week Challenge Eat a banana a day, for 7 days.  Challenge Treat yourself to a good night's sleep! Challenge
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