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Malachy K @malachy

Slacker :)
Professional Health and Fitness geek.
F**kin hate running. Running is the work of the devil.. the devil i tells ya! So I've signed up for a half marathon in Tralee on 16 March 2013. **UPDATE** Finished it 19 mins ahead of my goal time.
Tackling the full one next year, should be an interesting challenge!
Still f**kin hate running!
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Malachy K
Bits n pieces scattered through an otherwise lazy day.
  • 2.0 km of Walking in 0:17:00
  • 50 x 12.0 kg Kettlebell Swings
  • 40 x 12.0 kg Kettlebell Snatch
  • 2.0 km of Cycling in 0:09:00
  • 5:00 of General Stretching

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Travel 2015km in 2015  Challenge Building With Planks Challenge Cycle the Coast of Ireland challenge (EQUIVALENT  - 3,171.20 Km) Challenge
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Malachy K Planksgiving Dinner Challenge

Contributorgold Malachy K Ok, haven't benchmarked my plank in ages.. it's time!!


Ouchie ... ouch ... ouch !! Congrats on the PB Malachy. I haven't seen your posts for a while - hope you're keeping well :-)

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