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Maria J @mariaj

I want to improve my fitness level, to feel strong, be healthy and flexible. I want my body, mind and spirit to reflect that...anything is possible with hard work and clean eating :)

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Hold the plank pose for 5 minutes  Challenge Hold the Bridge Position for 1 Minute Daily for 7 Days  Challenge Hold a 1 minute wall squat every day for 7 days Challenge 50 push ups in one set Challenge 50 push-ups a day for one week Challenge Do 10 Slow Motion Push-Ups. Challenge Go for an Early morning run. Challenge Run 3 times a week for 4 weeks Challenge 7 Day Gut Buster: Plank Challenge Hold a handstand for 15 seconds Challenge Do 10 knuckle push ups Challenge Lift weights 20 times in 30 days Challenge Hand balancing(Crane pose) for  30 seconds Challenge Hold the plank pose for 2 minutes Challenge Hold the plank pose for 3 minutes Challenge Ride your bike outside for 1 hour Challenge The 12 days of Fitness Challenge
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Hold the plank pose for 2 minutes Challenge Core Workout everyday for 7 days Challenge Do 10 knuckle push ups Challenge Inner thigh workout - 2 weeks challenge Challenge Lift weights 3 times a week for 3 weeks Challenge The Birthday Challenge Challenge British Military Fitness RED Workout Challenge Do the Crab - Beginner Challenge Get the Resting Heart Rate of an athlete Challenge
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