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Jacqueline S @marthafox

I train 6 days a week-the wetter and muddier the better! I want to maintain a healthy body & have an avid interest in nutrition. I'm getting adventurous as I get older & I actively embrace this & go with it!

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Jacqueline S Greg S

Contributorgold Jacqueline S Thanks for all the encouragement chick (yes, called you THAT again!) hehe - i think im officially a runner now!

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Run a mile in 8 minutes Challenge Run a short and a long run each week for a month Challenge Run twice a week - for a MONTH Challenge Run a 5K, a 10K, and a Half Marathon in one year!! Challenge Run your first 20k Challenge RUN YOUR FIRST HALF MARATHON UNDER 2:30:00 Challenge Running from 5k to a Half Marathon in One Year Challenge Complete A Half Marathon In Under 3 Hours Challenge Register for a Half Marathon! Challenge
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Jacqueline S Greg S

Contributorgold Jacqueline S Welcome back gorgeous. Hope you had a great vacy. Me? Well, here's the scoop, I ran a 5k fun run in a crap time of 26.19 ( I was at the back but that's no real excuse, I was pants). However, something seems to have taken a hold of me.... and and and.... feck!! I'm training for a half marathon!!! WTF!!! I can just about finish a 5k!! Jeeeeesus! This midlife crisis is exhausting!!


Yes - I will defo try that out! Set your clocks for this time next week and see where we are at. I enjoy bits of the running but I don't like the first half hour - once I'm past that, I'm ok. Well, when I say ok.... I mean I'm still putting one foot in front of the other and standing up straight(ish) hahaha!!

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I must have good balance because 15sec is too short so I'm gonna up it to 30sec. So far I haven't been able to gauge if it is useful and or legit but I am still baselining so I will soldier on...

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