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Mc Sween A @mcswnofficial

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One week with no refined carbs  Challenge 5-4-5 Challenge Accepted Challenge Substitute your morning cuppa for green tea Challenge The Bear Crawl Challenge  suicide runs Challenge Give and Take Challenge Glass of Chocolate Milk after every training run Challenge Try Sushi and Sashimi Challenge
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Floss at least 4 times a week Challenge Paint A Room In the Month of July-Aug 2012 Challenge Run 200km in a month Challenge Rolling Crunches - 20 per day for 1 week Challenge Do an "Evil Wheel". Challenge Yoga Position (side crane) Challenge HIIT for Runners - Beginners Challenge HIIT for Runners - Intermediate Challenge HIIT for Runners - Advanced Challenge COVINGTON OUTREACH 5k 2012 Challenge Run a Marathon Distance Barefoot Challenge Nates Running work out Challenge 100 crunches a day for 1 month Challenge 100 Calorie Snacks Challenge A TEST FOR YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE AND SOCIAL NETWORKING POWER IN 15MIN! Challenge Naters AB exercise Challenge
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