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Mei C @meizillla

I'm a gym lover, enjoy circuit training, boxing style cardio fitness, Circuits, HIIT and Interval training, spinning, swimming.. you name it..! I have completed Insanity/ Insanity Asylum workouts by Beachbody and completed P90X month 1 (must get back onto that and do the full 90 days!) and love them.. cant wait to start my next rotation!!

I lost a stone last year through Insanity and P90x but managed to slowly let it creep back on, so am working hard to get back there and stay there. My aim for 2013 is to be fitter than I've ever been!!

I have the Nike Women's 10K in May, Blenheim Sprint Triathlon in June, British 10K in July and the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October this year.. enough to keep me moving and motivated!

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Mei C

Contributorbronze Mei C Been training hard for my sprint triathlon on Saturday! Have been swimming in my wetsuit and feeling good in it!

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Mei C

Contributorbronze Mei C Have been diagnosed with Runners Knee :( Going to have to back off from the running... no squats or lunges either for a little while.. Will have to focus on Swimming and Cycling instead for the next couple of weeks. First session at the physio.. nearly cried as she worked on my IT Bands... extremely tight on both sides :(

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Mei C

Contributorbronze Mei C Suffering with pain in both knees.. suspect tight ITB... I have a date with my triggerpoint roller tonight...there will be tears... !!

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