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Melody F @melodyf13

I was a fitness instructor for 18 years and I miss it!! I got out of it for various reasons, one being that I am moving to Australia and presently can't work. The other was due to lots of stress I gained a lot of weight and got very out of shape. That is all changing-I have my own little home studio set up and enjoy working out every day with different cardio things and weights.
I have recently enrolled in an online course to get my Group Exercise Cert so I can teach in OZ, once certified I will have my Les Mills Certs transferred as well and hopefully land a few gyms!
I also recently got my hubby interested in running with me, we are training for a half marathon.

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Melody F Alan L

Contributorbronze Melody F Thanks for the follow. Great job on your weight loss journey! good for you!

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Melody, thanks for the follow back and encouragement! The journey has just started! Keep on with your challenges!

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Melody F Helene C

Contributorbronze Melody F Thanks for the follow, following you back.. I like the short intense workouts as well :)

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Thanks Melody! i read your bio and i can tell you stress isn't my best friend as well! gained 10 pounds last summer because of it :( still trying to lose it! have fun with your challenges and don't give up!

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