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Romina R @minaloverivera

I'm currently rediscovering my love for sports and slowly oozing into my love for running, biking, taebo, and dancing. I'm hoping to learn the art of yoga and pilates. Here's to a healthy new me.

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Run for 30 mins without walking to improve your endurance Challenge Go for an Early morning run. Challenge STEP 3: 7500 Steps in a Day Challenge Hold the bridge pose for 3 minutes Challenge Hold the Low Lunge position 1 minute each leg Challenge 1 min plank NOW! Challenge Recovery tools - Legs up the wall! - after every long workout (60min>) Challenge Hold the Dolphin Pose for 1 minute Challenge Crescent Lunge Pose  Challenge Beat the Heat Challenge Complete 100 Challenges in 100 Days Challenge 30 push-ups in one go Challenge
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