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Natasha D @natashad2

I completed my first half-marathon in May 2012. I like to go for long hikes with my husband and two little dogs, ride my bicycle with friends, and swim in a local pool, as well as in the ocean in summertime. I will be completing my second sprint triathlon in Fall 2013.

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Tim M Natasha D

Contributorgold Tim M Hello from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Congratulations on your first half marathon :)

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I am a Canadian who lives and works in Southern California. Victoria is one of my favorite cities in Canada. Vancouver Island is so beautiful! It must be a wonderful place to train.


I have lived in Victoria just over three years, and it is a paradise! I am continually running down by the water, looking across to the mainland U.S. Thanks so much for your message. I have been to California a few times, and I loved the warm weather in the winter! All the best of the season and into the New Year :) We will not have a white Christmas in Victoria this year.

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Kasia K Natasha D

Contributorgold Kasia K Wow, good luck on your sprint triathlon! When is that?


Sadly, I have been struggling to recover from a serious illness I caught while volunteering in a prison for illegal immigrants here in Southern California. I am almost better now, and have started running again in the last few weeks, but I had to back out of the triathlon this past October. Happily, the triathlon event organizers have agreed to hold my registration until October 2013. So, I will aim for next Fall.

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ugh, sorry to hear about your illness!!! but I'm happy to hear you're feeling better now and got back to your training! Things like that give us sometimes a new perspective and motivation to act. I'll keep my fingers crossed until next October, then :) Good luck and hope you;re going to feel only better and stronger now :)

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