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Nicko V @nickovergara

The Power of a gun can kill and the power o fire can burn,
The power of wind can chill and the power of mind can learn,
The power of anger can rage inside until it tears you apart,
but The Power of a Smile,
epecially yours
can heal a frozen heart..

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Shoot 20 straight freethrows Challenge Learn to Dunk in Basketball Challenge Three-Point Shootout Challenge Shoot 10 straight freethrows Challenge Shoot 5 straight freethrows Challenge Touch the rim Challenge The Fast Food Challenge Challenge
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Dips with 25% your body weight added Challenge increase the weight by 10% on your main strength exercises in January! Challenge Military press your bodyweight! Challenge pull ups with 50% bodyweight weight added Challenge Squat with one leg outstretched, one weeks! Challenge Dips with 100% bodyweight added Challenge Chin Ups with 25% body weight added Challenge Dips with 50% of your body weight added Challenge 15 one handed pull ups in one go Challenge Chin Ups with 50% body weight added Challenge Dips with 75% of your body weight added Challenge Triple 100kg challenge: Bench, Squat and Dead-lift Challenge 4 Ball Pushups - 15 Reps Challenge
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