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Nocturnal R @nocturnal

Did my share of cycling, swimming and jungle trekking in my younger days. And I used to hate running. Could hardly complete 3km. But now, I'm almost solely into road running. Needless to say, I'd fallen in love with running - especially after the sun sets and the land cools down.

Figured I still have a number of good running years ahead. Key goals are
- sub-50 for 10km (currently at 0:51:41)
- sub-1:45 for 21km (currently at 1:56:44)
- sub-4 for 42km (currently at 4:28:57)
and experience marathons in 10 different countries by the time I reach 60.

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Run 4 Miles On Tuesday Between 7am and 11am Challenge Boys V Girls - First to run 2000km Challenge Mountain Trekking  Challenge Run a mile in under 8:30 Challenge
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Nocturnal R Complete 75 longer than 10mile runs in a year Challenge

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Aiming for a 21km run over the weekend but my ITB started to feel strained and even after slowing down it did not go away. Eventually u-turned and walked back. Will continue to log my >10miles run here but it is unlikely that I will cross 75 runs this year. Oh well, there is always next year :-)

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Boys vs. Girls Running  First to 5,000km Challenge Mountain Trekking  Challenge
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