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Olivia Z @oliviaz

Love to do sports and to generally stay active. Capoeira is my passion, cycling is my transport, I do yoga, run, anything that makes me feel alive :) Currently recovering from a shoulder injury, slowly getting back into shape, challenge by challenge...

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Stay off the Scale for 21 Days! Challenge No Added Salt For A Week Challenge Pyramid Pose Challenge Hold Swan/Pigeon Pose for at least one minute Challenge Upright Back  Challenge
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No Added Salt For A Week Challenge Morning yoga Challenge No Eating After 8pm for 1 week Challenge 30 Second Hand Stand Challenge YOGATOBER Challenge No biscuits, cakes or crisps from now until the end of October Challenge No computer or television use after 23h00  Challenge King Pidgeon Pose (Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana) Challenge Standing Forward Bend Variation Challenge Do a yoga pose 3 time a day for a week Challenge Hold the Lord Of The Dance Pose-30 seconds  Challenge Complete 650 Tribesport Challenges Challenge
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Louise J Olivia Z

Contributorsilver Louise J Hi Olivia, just wanted to say I would love to give capoeira a try, any sugestions? Good luck with your challenge hopefully you have well and truly kicked the bucket out of that :)

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Hi Louise! Sorry for the late reply, i've been off TS for a while. All I can say is go go go go go go! Capoeira is for everyone that's willing to sweat and be challenged. I'm not too strong on Scottish geography but I know there's a group in Edinburgh and one in St. Andrews, I hope that's near you! lol :p Let me know what you think once you try it, and good luck! :)

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