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Angelica B @ritcheysmith

Just hit the ripe old age of 40 =) I love pilates, yoga newbie, bodyweight exercises, hula hooping, my TRX, BOSU, medicine balls, bellydance/hula and Clean Eating. I'm currently easing back into training and going to physical therapy for my back and a knee cap that wants to do its own thing =)

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Yvonne B Angelica B

Contributorgold Yvonne B hi there!!! Welcome to the dodgy knee-cap club!!! ;D Mines currently strapped with fluorescent pink tape!!!! Good luck with the physio! :D

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Sonu K Angelica B

Contributorgold Sonu K hello there.sorry for late are you? how is your training going on?


hey dear...what happened to you? How is your health now? have you recovered completely...i have super-busy nowadays...trying to get back to TS....

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