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Julie ☼ @runjulierun

I enjoy my daily, one-on-one communion with the trail. I run along the coast, I run up and down big mountains. I run when the weather is gorgeous. I run in the rain, scorching heat, mud, snowstorms. I run it all. I like it raw, living, vegan. I am trail runner.

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Leelee H Julie ☼

Contributorgold Leelee H Another vegan! Woohoo!!! Loved reading your bio-I will have to think about you when I need motivation! Tell me: HOW do you run in the heat??? I just can't do it!!!

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Anthony M Julie ☼

Contributorsilver Anthony M Julie, thanks for following, I love your profile picture very artistically done. You have a very impressive bio and certainly run in a beautiful part of the country...I am also a Vegan runner and hope to share some experiences with you and other Vegan athletes.Hence the reason why I joined Tribesport. Given the ongoing problem of obesity in our country and the world, I'm currently working on a video documentary on Vegan Athletes, which will highlight theses athletes diet's, training, lifestyle & philosophy, as well as showcase their achievements in an effort to promote healthy living. It's called "Vegan Marathoner - Project Raw" and I've finished some trailers and am now assembling the series. I hope to speak with you more about your running goals and this project going forward. Again, thank you for following and as I always say in closing, "Keep running..."

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TRIBE-A-LYMPICS 2012: RUNNING Challenge Read " Eat&Run" by Scott Jurek Challenge Read: Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness Challenge Get the Resting Heart Rate of an athlete Challenge
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