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Bridget C @runningmum

I can't wait for my 2015 to start properly and for me to get back into Tribesports and more importantly running again as I have been delayed due to surgery to remove several breast tumours last week. I am healing and recovering now and itching to get active again! I have in my sights re-running the Rotorua Marathon in May and obviously hoping to take a little time off last year and just decided a few days ago that I will tackle my first Ultra in November, a 50km trail run!

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Jane H Bridget C

Contributorgold Jane H Hey @runningmum how have you been? Miss you!


Fabulous, great to hear you are doing so well Bridget, Brad N has been worried about you too! I am in New York with the family, travelling to Boston tomorrow, 5km event on Saturday, then the marathon on Monday!

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Contributorgold Bridget C + 54.8km running over last 11 days and 2km walking = 1768.5km/2609km to see @janeh :)


SO busy and have some major health issues going on too :P Busy for the family too, my husband i starting teaching at our kids school next year, so exciting and great for the family. Bet its all go in your work and home too right?! :)

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