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Sachin S @sachins1

I am a runner :), a cyclist :) but not a swimmer :(

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Sachin S

Sachin S La Ultra - The High is a 222 km race through the Indian Himalayas. It is a grass-roots event - organised by runners, for runners- and aims to encourage as many local people to become involved in participating and supporting the event as possible. The ultra-marathon is run at an average altitude of 14,765 ft and climbs to a staggering 17,700 ft at its highest point. Running this distance with an Oxygen content of just 33% of that at sea level is no mean feat. La Ultra - The High is among the toughest tests of human endurance in the world. It pushes the mind and body to the
absolute limit and redefines what is humanly possible.

encouraged this.

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Sachin S

Sachin S Thanks a million miles to all who were involved in making La Ultra - The High when everyone else told me it was impossible. Barry has been working on a documentary project to make this incredible event known to the whole world. Please do spread the word. Thanks again.

Gunter V and Nick B encouraged this.

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