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Sara S @sarajanina

I've all my life been in to sports. Swimming for 9 years, karate, tennis and volleyball. I found my call when I got old enough to go to the gym. Now I'm a Gym Instructor and I teach my own classes. I do 'Body toning' and this so called 'MBL' (which is bodytoning for the lower parts of the body.) I really enjoy going to the gym and do loads of strength training as well.
A few months ago I started doing "Crossfit" which is functional weight training and cardio. I love that kind of training - after a workout you feel sore and great!
In the beginning of august 2013 I went to this adult education college - I took a massage course for sports injuries, did a couple of triathlon races (on my beloved racer!) and played loads of volleyball. It was 4 fantastic months! :-)
I'm going to be a physiotherapist and I wanthelp people getting a better lifestyle etc. - Now starting on feb. 3rd 2014! Wehuuu!
Unfortunately I've got me some very bad shin injury and haven't been training for 1 month now. It really sucks because the past year I've got pretty addicted to indoor spinning! :-(

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Wake up without hitting the snooze button everyday for a week Challenge Stop Hitting Snooze for 5 Days! Challenge Eat Fruit and Low Fat Yogurt for breakfast for 1 Week Challenge Eat protein @ breakfast everyday!! Challenge No chocolate (or other sugary food) for breakfast for 7 days Challenge Eat a  healthy breakfast for 30days Challenge Go to the gym at least 4 days a week for a month Challenge
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Health & Wellness #6: Eat Breakfast! No Caffeine after 4pm for 7 days Eat a healthy breakfast for a week Take a multi vitamin every day for a month Oatmeal for every breakfast for a month Eat porridge (oatmeal) every day for 14 days 30 minutes of cardio 4 times a week for 6 weeks. Cycle three times in a week Glute Stretch Cycle 30km or more in 50 minutes or less Spinning over 100 RPM for 30mins
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Suitcase Squat Challenge Exercise your abs for three weeks Challenge Tricep Toning - 3 sets of 10 chair dips every day for 7 days Challenge Do 20 chair dips a day for 7 days Challenge Go to the gym at least 4 days a week for a month Challenge No biscuits for a month. Challenge 30 Scissor Kick Crunches (10 times in 2 weeks) Challenge Exercise your arms for three weeks. At least ten reps per day. Challenge 3 sets of 30 Squats every day for 1 week Challenge
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Sara S

Stattosilver Sara S logged 1:00:00 of Cycling on 26 March
HELL YEAAAAA! First time indoor cycling instructor! It was a blast! Feeling greatttt!

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ahh ok, that is a bit different then lol


Haha my English is not that good ;)

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lol no worries, we have cleared up the confusion! I presume you enjoyed it!!

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