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Scott V @scotty2hotty

I started running in the fall of 2006 to lose weight. In 2007 I did a 5k, four 10k's and 2 half marathons helping me to shed 70lbs. I have done two marathons...but due to Osteoarthritis, Marathon Man is retired!
So switching gears and completed my 1st Tri for my 40th!

I started my 30's over weight and out of shape...going into my 40's in better shape than my 30's and 20's! Bring it on!

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Scott V Do 20,000 push ups in 4 months Challenge

Contributorgold Scott V Plus 450...10064! A bit late but finally over the half way point! lol A month and a bit to go!

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Scott V Girls vs Boys Swimming - First team to reach 500km Challenge

Contributorgold Scott V Even though the guys seem to be trailing in this has given me a smile! While swimming the other day an old guy climbed out of the pool in his tightie whities with the biggest smile on his face! lol

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