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Terry G @sentient0ne

I've been on Tribesports since December 2012. I joined as part of a lifestyle change. The change included diet, exercise and a general outlook on life. It wasn't because of a major life event. It just needed to be done, for a myriad of reasons. It was time!

So here I am. I set goals and achieve them. Tribesports has definitely helped me stay on track. I've met amazing people and enjoy the camraderie that exists.

It's been a busy year with some major ups and downs in my life. But I still do my workouts and feel good when I've worked though them.

I used to bike a lot, daily, in Canada, in the winter. Yes, I know. Crazy Canuck. It's what we do =)

I used to teach ballroom dancing, LONG before Dancing With The Stars. Yes, I know. I'm old =P

I dabble in astrology. Yes, I know. I'm "different". But I like being different. And I find it provides great insight into who we are. It doesn't make us who we are, simply a framework or guideline of who we potentially could be, in spite of all the pressures in life. Long discussion which I'll gladly share with anyone.

Speaking of sharing, feel free to do so at any time, for any reason at (that's a zero not the letter O)


"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” ― John C. Maxwell

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Terry G
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Terry G
Activity 27-07-2014 07:52

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Terry G
Activity 24-07-2014 07:00

61 degrees and still too warm, was dripping sweat after the first half mile. Sorry everyone, but I'm hoping for cooler weather :P

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Terry G
Activity 20-07-2014 07:54

BONK!!! First time for everything. I was hoping to do my longest run to date. At 3 miles I started thinking I might be able to push only 5. At 4.5 I stopped in the shade and sucked back the rest of my water. Too warm and humid for me. I walked the last 1 mile.

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Terry G

Contributorgold Terry G I give up. I tried to enter a workout twice. I entered all the data in 8 bench presses at 100lbs, etc. When I submitted it, it had changed the number to a weight I'd never be able to press, something like 483 lbs!!! It was the same both times.

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That;s a good idea I do hope it works for you!! Whatever you do, don't stress to much about it :-)))

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No worries. I should contact admin about it though. If I can't enter correct data, it makes the site a bit pointless.

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That would be a wonderful idea!! I'm sure they would like to know if something is going wrong!! Hope it all has worked out! :-D

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