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Brian S @shamek

I usually do a lot of running and my own version of Crossfit, to prepare for my latest obsession, which is obstacle course racing. Training for the Spartan Best in VT this September.

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Brian S

Contributorbronze Brian S It's blazing hot and more than uncomfortably humid, but I still got a 4 mile run in and 1 minute max effort burpees, flutter kicks, and traveling lunges

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Brian S Obstacle Course Racing Tribe

Communicatorbronze Brian S created the topic Unique training ideas

The sport of obstacle course racing puts your body through a lot of different movements and stresses.  Manyh of these go beyond what you can actually accomplish in a typical gym with machines or free weights.  I'd like to know what are some of the...

Brian S 10K Tribe Tribe

When I look around at the start of a race, I see everyone fiddling with thier watches.  I'm torn on wearing one, and keeping track of my pace and just going on how I feel to pace myself.  What do most of you do?

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