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Shikha K @shikhak

Its a tough exercise to keep oneself motivated throughout the quest.weight (loss) was always on my priority list-the top spot but never really made it,never got the chance to lift the winning trophy and say ' yay,yah...i did it"
Trrrrrrrriiinnnnnnngggggg... "wake up, shikha" call from mom. shit, it was just a dream :( . A day passed, another day passed, 8213 days passed but nothing really clicked.i was slowly losing the battle that i was unwittingly losing everyday. life was fine with a 'cute' tag. no it wasnt , yes,it was , no it wasnt....ummmm forget it.

OK, fast forward ... year 2009 (or may be fast rewind :Deee)
I got so engrossed in my life that i somehow lost touch with my aim,goals, body image etc. But as they say "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." Nothing was going my way, and my sixth semester second session exams were approaching and i fell ill !!! this was one game changer!! yeah!!! i fell ill for around a week and so couldnt eat anything properly. So,medically what happens to a person when he/ she doesn't eat anything for one week??? yeah some weight loss...after a week long, bed rest,i jumped out of my bed and for some strange reason,couldnt keep my eyes off my mirror. 'hey! i have lost weight',was my reaction and so readily(readily-for the first time) got on the scale & yeah! i lost four kgs!! Yuuhhhoooo!! now there was no looking back.i immediately googled many health sites and checked my ideal weight,BMI,BMR and started chalking out my diet plan, exercise schedule etc etc

"Oh God! is that you?" was one of the many pumping up remarks,that were showered on me,when my college mates saw me after our summer vacations. For a month, i was the head turner. People came to me (people whom i hardly knew, people to whom i never gave a damn) to enquire about the unusual phenomenon that was difficult for them to gulp !!
My dad got a hole in his pocket,as i was on a shopping spree, going to any random shop and buying all crazy stuff. my neighbors thought, i was suffering from some chronic disease and my relatives never missed a chance to scan my vitamin-d pills bottle.

While losing weight , there was only one question in my mind- am i happy with my usual me?? initially my answer was no but slowly and steadily i turned the denial into approval.
My weight loss mantra was simple and straight- your body is your temple, don't push yourself too much that you end-up giving up.Moderation is the best alternative for dieting and the easiest- COUNT YOUR CALORIES and TRY TO WORKOUT THRICE A WEEK.I did what i loved the most i.e dancing and made it the part of my routine and achieved what i hankered the most.

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