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Tony G @shropshire

Go Honestly or go away!!

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Fired Up Push-Ups - Unlock New Color Challenge Run 350km in a year (Challenge for New Runners) Challenge 2014 KM in 2014  Challenge
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Tony G MAF Runners Tribe

Me, been about a month now and getting into the swing of it (I think).

MAF training is going much better now... I can maintain my HR at around 135 (+/- 5) - but my running pace is slow 07:45ish per Km ... But I think that's O.K (??).

I'm goi...

Tony G MAF Runners Tribe

Hi.. I'm Tony and I'm..... I'm a would-be MAF runner. I'm 55 and so my MAF is 125b.p.m and I'm finding it jolly hard to keep my Heart Rate that low when I'm running..... I've only been MAF'ing for a week, so it's early days and I'm detyermined to...

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