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Sidhant J @sidhant

i love adventure... always want to try something new.. love wildlife photography.. i almost play every sport... love making friends.and spend quality time with them... :)

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10 Push ups a day for 7 days Challenge 30 second plank  Challenge Shoot 10 straight freethrows Challenge
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Sidhant J Sherri V

Sidhant J ha ha...... u r quiet like me,,,,!!! or should i say am like you..... :D ..... i too lack motivation in me.... but i recently started dowlding some motivational videos.... and it's helping me a lot...!!!
i can send you link of some videos if you wish so..... :) :)

keep challenging yourself.... :) :)
take care

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Sidhant J Angela R

Sidhant J i would like to help you more..... i'll be sending you some motivational videos as i come up through any good one........ LOVE TO HELP...!!! :)

encouraged this.


i would love to do more...... :) keep challenging yourself..... LOVE TO HELP...... :) :)


you got facebook account? it's easy to contact.... :)

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