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Julie K @sistak

A Swiss in London, I've discovered running 4 years ago and have completed a few road marathons before I realised that I could combine my love for mountains / hiking and running. I now spend most of my holidays fast-packing in the Alps, and completed my first 2 trail ultras in 2012.

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Bryce A Julie K

Contributorgold Bryce A Switzerland is a beautiful place Julie and an amazing place to complete an ultra! I'm hoping to taking part in the Jurassic Coast 3 day ultra in March.

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Steven M Julie K

Contributorgold Steven M Thanks for the follow back Julie, I'm a transplant to England as well from America. Good luck with your integration, challenges and goals. :)

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Kevan J Julie K

Contributorgold Kevan J Thanks for the follow - excellent on the ultras - just left Switzerland on my way to Italy, loved the freshness of it all although an attempt to run at 2000m on the weekend was a very sobering experience (what was the 6000m challenge?) What is your next challenge?

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Wow, lucky you, international running! My 6000 was ascending Stok Kangri, a 6,153m non-technical peak in the Himalayas - fantastic experience and amazing views over the whole chain! Having only just done my first 50-miler, I haven't picked my next challenge... I usually hibernate in winter but will attempt to keep running a bit this year! Also trying to get a place for the CCC 2013, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc's little sister race (100km alpine). Yours is a 100-miler I see? Have you picked one yet?

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Not yet! Need to have a hunt. Currently want to finish the challenges this year!

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Ramon F Julie K

Contributorgold Ramon F Hi Julie! Awesome photo! Must head to the Alps myself one of these days! :) I saw that you climbed Kilimanjaro before and since I am planning a trip to Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya and am thinking of climbing Kilimanjaro before hitting Zanzibar for scuba diving, wanted to ask how you found the climb? Were there any issues during the planning stages?

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Thanks for the info, it should help quite a bit! I think I'll probably take the Marangu route aswell especially since the highest mountain I have climbed before only has an elevation of around 4000m. I'll definitely keep you updated on how the plan is going things start to look a bit more concrete.. ..funnily enough I actually met Kilian Jornet when I ran the Kinabalu Climbathon last year. He ended up winning the race :) Here is a photo I took of him (on the left) :

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UltraMarathon (over 65km or 40miles). Challenge Complete an Ultra (greater than 30 miles), ideally your first one.  Challenge Ultramarathon (30 miles) Challenge
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