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Triple Threat Tuesday Ab Workout

Challenge • 17 takers • Archived

3 circuits/tabatas with Tabata timer. Log reps here per exercise. Rest 1 min. between circuits/tabatas. Have fun. 1. Hanging Pikes, Bicycle Crunches, Hanging Knee Tucks & Cocoons 2. Toe Touches, Hanging Leg Raises, Weighted...

Log 10,000 Rear Kicks

Challenge • 9 takers • Archived

Log 10,000 Rear Kicks. Maybe your style calls it back kick or something different, however your style does it works for the challenge.


Challenge • 19 takers • Archived

Alright lets do this easy challenge!! 10,000 sit-up to complete by end of May. Sounds like a lot but you have all day every day. Summer is almost here, lets get these abs out of hibernation and get them ready. Add a photo of urself at the beginning and we...

Run your own marathon

Challenge • 97 takers

No medals, No t-shirts. Plan your own route and simply run 26.2 miles by yourself or with someone, simply because you're feeling great at the moment and you feel you can do it.

Another Spartan Run

Challenge • 20 takers • Archived

- Run 1 mile - 100 pushups in as few sets as possible - 100 crunches - Run 1 mile - 75 pushups in as few sets as possible - 75 crunches - Run 1 mile - 50 pushups in as few sets as possible - 50 crunches

Ease that Runners Knee 7 day challenge

Challenge • 89 takers

This exercise is designed to help support and align the kneecap - good for all runners! 1. Lying down fully extend right leg locking at knee. Lift leg straight up towards torso as far as comfortable. Return to start. 2. Repeat, this time turn out your leg...

Do 500 Chin Ups February 2013

Challenge • 3 takers • Archived

Complete 500 Chin ups in the month of Feb 2013. Palms facing towards you. Make sure you lift your chin above your bar to complete one rep of this exercise. You have to complete 500 in the given time to complete this challenge. You can finish as early as y...

The Unholy Trinity, Endurance Challenge

Challenge • 53 takers • Archived

Great if you training for any endurance event. This requires you to walk 5km, run 10k and cycle 20km (MTB or leisure bike) or 30km Race Bike, all on the same day with limited breaks. This is not for the feint hearted. Post photos of yourself at transitions...

shadow boxing

Challenge • 51 takers • Archived

Air boxing - 50 air uppercuts 50 air jab across 50 air hooks Repeat x 3

Hold breath

Challenge • 42 takers

Simply, hold your breath underwater for 30 seconds! IF you can't get to water, try it in the shower, bath or just at home!

Boxing / Kickboxing Press up Burpees Strike Combo Challen...

Challenge • 28 takers

Just done a Burpees with push ups challenge and added an extra touch so though I would share... Burpees, Press Ups, Strike combo Challenge is 50 Burpees with.. A full push up on the way down. On the up you are required to land in stance and throw...

Coach Carter - Cruz's 1000 suicides and 2500 push ups

Challenge • 15 takers

If you've seen the film you will know that when Cruz attempts to rejoin the basketball team, Coach Carter refuses to let him back in. Cruz has to do 1000 suicides and 2500 push ups to earn Carter's approval, by Friday. Aided by his teammates, he eventua...

Run a road race, trail race and a obstacle race (mud race...

Challenge • 13 takers • Archived

The challenge is meant to get people to venture into new areas within the sport of running. We should all spend some time out of our comfort zone and try a new race or type of run. I have tried several new races in the last year. I ran both the Spartan and...

Reward Yourself - January Challenge

Challenge • 10 takers • Archived

You started off the the new year working hard, taking good care of yourself and continuing your committment to your sporting routines. The reward challenge is simple - do something nice for yourself. Buy yourself some new gear, go out for dinner, get some...

The last 2012 running stretch!

Challenge • 2 takers • Archived

So 2012 has come and almost gone - for some it has been a good year for others not so! After your final run of this year make those last stretches count, savour them, relax into them, enjoy them and hit COMPLETE! And have a very happy New Year!

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