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Following Jesse N (@sonic)

Alan A (@board)


I've always enjoyed outdoor activity while trying to stay away from the gyms. When indulging in regular cardio workouts during the middle of Michigan's brutal winters started to become rarer and rarer events I finally joined an inexpensive store front gym...

Aaron H (@docjekyll180)


I love a good challenge. I'm always up for trying new things and having a good time. I enjoy fencing, kickboxing, hiking, rugby, swimming, and most any type of exercise.

Vlad A (@vladalexen)


Started to workout for 2 years after High-School. I was FAT boy back then and, all my friends laugh at me I didn't like it so I started doing push-ups every mode possible was hard at the beginning 15 was my max...after these 2 years i didn't workout I was a...

Ben M (@benmacgregor)


I love running - firstly it was just for exercise but now I love beating a PB! I try to do as many races as possible, and have completed 3 marathons - I love to watch most other sports!

Paco G (@hybridpako)


Personal Training, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Calisthenics and Gym Workouts, Fitness tips and Motivation. Everything you need for a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy a good workout. Switching things around everyday and creating new workout routines. Basi...

Bas V (@bas4gever)


field hockey player and ex rugby player, biology student, lots of injury's still recovering.

Te Aroha C (@tearohac)


Been an active member of TS since May 2013, weighing in at 82kg. Managed to get that down to 75.5kg, but weakened to the month of December and climbed back up to 78kg. Have decided to let the remainder of December have its evil way, then back on track to...

Aleksandra M (@aleksmay)


I love to be active and I love trying new things. I am playing tennis matches (USTA 3.0 team), still a beginner :), doing yoga and ROCK CLIMB!!! Love scuba and snowboarding!!! My goal for this year: to learn how to lead and TC 5.11, start swimming again on...

Jonathan U (@jonathanu)


WORK ETHIC: Work until you sweat blood, and just when the pain starts setting in, that's when you really start to work

David L (@davidl21)


O actually signed up in this app cause i need to lose weight and yeah let's get started! :D

Kevin G (@kevingibson)


Retired 24 months ago and took up running for health and fitness and to get out into the great outdoors after 35 years of banking. Got the bug, have run 1 marathon, 30 half marathons and qualified as a Run England Leader in Running Fitness and AthleFIT. L...

Slim 2 (@stepupheightgrowth)


I am asnaat khan working yourteleshopy company . our company offer the online health and beauty product.

Tatiana P (@tanjap)


I've managed to accumulate too many extra pounds so decided to try to get rid of them through walking and running. I've run 3 half-marathons so far and am hoping to run a couple more this year. Planned races for 2014: Edinburgh Half-marathon (25/05) St...

Branislava N (@branislava)


I already had an account here but because i want a fresh start with everything, i deleted it and created a new one. I am an irish dancer and a huge fan of running and walking but recently i coudlnt dance for months during some health problems. I also gained...

Mark F (@markf10)


American football and crew as a kid. Won the Princess Elizabeth Cup in the Henley Royal Regatta in 1974 for high school eights. Went to Rutgers on a rowing scholarship. Been in and out shape for the last 40 years. Now mainly into lifting weights, body weigh...

Mirja E (@kaisukas)


In the order of starting at the age of 7, I've done the following sports: tennis (less than a year), light gymnastics (10 years), horseback riding (every day for 1,5 years), karate (4,5 years, green belt), dancing (2 years). Then I got too old to get suppor...

Brock B (@bischoff)


I like to do a little bit of everything. Looking to bettering myself, all the time.

Claire C (@mua)


I am 27 years old and in the last few years have put on some weight which really bothers me and I am determinded to lose it and get into sports and working out. Good luck to everyone in your challenges!

Reuben J (@reubenj)


Hey guys my name is Reuben, i aspire to be a personal trainer and i am studying at the new zealand institute of sport for my personal training certificate... In my spare time i love to hit the gym! any day is a good day for the gym, Angry, happy, sad, lonel...

Steph S (@stephms)


This is MY life, MY goals, MY success, MY determination, and MY body! No more messing around with people that say "you can't and never will." The ones who cast that mountain in front of me and laugh thinking I can't move it. I AM A STRONG WOMAN. All the neg...

Jesse N