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Followed by Jesse N (@sonic)

Jon K (@jonk2)


Diagnosed with cancer in 2009 thought my life was over,i battled very hard to beat it,it was definitely my hardest challenge yet. Had a bone marrow transplant in march 2010,went into remission in july 2010,it made me so ill,but i tried to carry on as norma...

Alex D (@alex45674)


Began running in 2006 3-4 times a week. I have completed loads of races (about 15 a year) from 5k to Marathon (3 London, 2 Beachy Head), but was not getting any faster or thinner! Started running every day to train for the 5x50 Challenge ( in S...

Musicool W (@musicool)


Keeping fit is essential to my health and I like running. I like being outdoors and have been running regularly outside. I also like socialising and have found that dining out and drinking has not helped my waistline - so my resolution this year is to do so...

Ramon F (@dredwerkz)


"Obsession is a word that the lazy use to describe the dedicated." - Anonymous Rock climbing tends to keep me pretty occupied as I climb fairly frequently. I'm also an avid scuba diver (Advanced Open Water) and am targeting my Rescue diver and Divemaster...

Mits A (@mitsalmarez)


Former Cheerleader, currently maintaining my body fitness. I think of this as my motivation. I only train by myself or with my love which sometimes get kinda boring. Having a lot of exercises to choose from, it makes my training and work-out fun and random...

Steph G (@stephg2)


I grew up in a small drive through town in an old school house that was renovated by my grandparents. I have a beautiful daughter CaraBella who is my inspiration for everything I do! I played Volleyball and coached Volleyball in High School. I studied S...

Su C (@pagira)


though I am petite I realise the value of keeping fit. So I play tennis every Sunday with some church - mates, but I want to run a marathon - that is on my bucket list!!

Becky A (@beckya1)


Sport is something that has always been a big part of my life, I'm that person who is not actually very good but always shows up anyway but nobody really minded because I tried hard and made up numbers (kind of ended up playing field hockey on a team of 3 a...

Brie H (@blherrington)


Dedicated. Motivated. Fit. It's a choice. I eat clean and challenge myself daily, because I can.

Loretta A (@loretta)


Going on our annual cycling holiday and I will be off-line for a week (bliss) :)) See you when I come back :) **************************************************************************************************************** Love being active, going to the ...

Porsche Luv M (@porscheluvm)


Getting to know what I am capable. Just Porsche... Addicted to sweat sessions... Goals: 1. Take on uphill’s at an average speed of at least 20kmph(cycling) 2. Be ready for the Cape Argus cycle tour in 2014 3. Start Latin Dance Classes again 4. Try o...

Francesca E (@francescae)


I started running about 4 years ago, simply because one day at the gym the treadmill was the only piece of equipment available. I was a sprinter in school and no good whatsoever at distance running, so now I'm approaching 'Over The Hill' status, I have mad...

Ross S (@rosss)


Been awhile since i was last on here so lets update this abit ;) Hey, currently serving in the British Army (8 years), based in Colchester Uk but moving up to Edinburgh in March. Have completed P-Coy and earned my British military parachutist wings (11 ...

Sumit G (@sumitg1)


After quitting smoking last year, picked up fitness regime. Running, gymming, walking, swimming and other games. Target: Reduce weight and get better running timings. Current weight 90kg. current running time 5km in 40mins with 4 walking breaks Targ...

Harr N (@harrn)


I'm living in Australia, aged 26. Always up for a good challenge. I'm actually quiet unfit and slack. But now I'm try to do weight train at lease twice a wk with my personal trainer and do cardio once a wk. Sky diving would be my most extreme thing I've d...

Jesse N