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Sonu K

Interval training in my way... it was much different from the real interval training... i was hardly be able to keep my pace for more than 200-300 meters.... i stopped very frequently ...walked ....walked

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Sonu K
I ran to catch Charminar, a building which is a symbol of was built in 1591 A.D... It is around 5 km from my house.... I began from my house and ran till Charminar... Stopped at Charminar to take some pictures... Then ran back to my house, completing a round trip of 10 km.... The most fun part was to follow a new course and to see the most happening place of the city waking up to a new day!
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Sonu K

hello Velmurugan...sorry for the late reply.... I will not participate in Wipro Chennai... Will you?


No probs,,,,yes,,,Wipro in Chennai is like Diwali,,,last yr i did 21,,,this yr 10k :(

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