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Sonu K Branislava N

Contributorgold Sonu K A Good start... a fresh beginning... Thanks for the follow Branislava :) Hope you enjoy this as much you enjoyed earlier! P.S.: I liked your idea of deleting and starting a new account!

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Well there is always some room for a fresh start :) Thank you and good luck :)

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Sonu K Tatiana P

Contributorgold Sonu K thanks for the follow:) good luck for your challenges!

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a rugged pair of shoes and scratched look just make these shoes even more lovely...they are proofs of countless hours of training...Miles of running.....liters of sweat... They were sometimes are the only companion you have when each step looks difficult, holding very close to you...

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So very true, I hate replacing my running shoes, they are like my old friends.

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Same here Tatiana.....It's hard to part ways with old shoes... I have a collection of my old torn shoes...they are all my medals, my cheerleader and my friends!

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