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Sue S @soozeekyoo

I am a water baby! Love swimming & diving & recently discovered the world of spinning which is changing my body shape & helping me massively in terms of dealing with work stress. Happy days!

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Don't slouch for a day Challenge Oooooh, fruity! Challenge The Fast Food Challenge Challenge 10 Push ups a day for 7 days Challenge 30 Days without Chocolate Challenge Dive to 30m or 98 feet Challenge Do a cartwheel Challenge Swim non stop for 45min Challenge Swim 1km Challenge Try open water swimming Challenge Swim 40 lengths in one session Challenge
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Sue S 30 Days without Chocolate Challenge

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This is not for those who teeter totter between peanutbutter and butterscotch , when asked to do a fav' flavor topping on your ice need to seriously COMMIT (no second guessing your decision) to the 30 days or you'll fight yourself coming and going. You are your worst competition. FOCUS!! (head butt) NOW COME ON!! LET'S DO THIS!!! (chest bump!!) ;)


Tori you are hilarious!!!

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