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Graeme L @spikeyboy

For the last few years running and cycling have been my main sports. The running is definitely dominant and the cycling is taking a bit of back stage at the moment. I also like to play with my favourite new toy - ViPR 20kg.

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Burn 25,000 Calories! Challenge 30 Day Push Up Variations Challenge Challenge Try a "Zen Run" in your running training Challenge Exercise Ball Reverse Plank Challenge 30 Diamond pushups in a row! Challenge Exercise Ball Jackknife Challenge plank marathon Challenge 25 stability ball hamstring curls for 1 week Challenge 31 day pull-up Challenge Challenge 30 day yoga challenge Challenge 5 consecutive Pull-Ups Challenge 55 Russian Twists (10 times in 2 weeks) Challenge Run 10k everyday for a week Challenge 10 WEEK BURPEE CHALLENGE Challenge 1 day water fasting Challenge 10 Consecutive Pull-Ups Challenge 50 Side Leg Raises Every Day For 1 Week Challenge 150 Advanced Calf Raises Every Day for a Week.  Challenge 25 Lunges Every Day for One Week Challenge Swim 250 meters freestyle/front crawl Challenge 25 Russian Twists (each side) Every Day for 7 Days Challenge 30 Day Crunch Challenge Challenge Do a handstand in water Challenge Parkour Generations Body Armour Workout Challenge Sun salutation Challenge
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30 Day Wall Squat Challenge – Day 30 Challenge 30 Day Wall Squat Challenge – Day 29 Challenge 30 Day Wall Squat Challenge – Day 28 Challenge 30 Day Wall Squat Challenge – Day 27 Challenge
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