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Stella W @stella

2 years and 3 months now i am running, mainly now HM .... once i tried the Full marathon ,finish it in 5:05:35 , that was last year. Saving those energy now for some more new sports that i always think to try and do. I am very blessed that my back problem is solved. negative thoughts been erased, Now i am back with a vengeance, more challenging stuff to do... i just want to be more stronger , fight aging and just be a happy person :-) May great health stays with us forever :-)

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Stella W

Contributorsilver Stella W October 2013 when i started intense workout /super sets and i feel good. From 57 kilos
went down to 53 kilos but i felt like i don't wanna lose more ...don't want to be back to skinny me yuck... instead i want to have athletic type of body ,toned body ...turning 40 last year inspired me to be better mentally in physically.Now i want to look great , great is better than good bought this book , Your Dream Body Come True ( EAT MORE ,EXERCISE LESS ) by Edward Mendez ....sat down and read it and got to understand things and i got the answer for WHY and WHAT in fitness level. So Today March 5 ,2014 i started to follow the meal plan and workouts and read more of this book and i am so sure i get the GREAT result i want . Discipline and determination i apply for this . Sure i struggle with this 6 meal a day, small portion 3 to 4 hrs meal plan thing but i guess its about time to chew food and enjoy it, time for some changes and i am so excited. health is wealth , raising 5 kids is not a joke ,so staying healthy and fit is my goal . Buy the book and sure you will be amazed and inspired ...note to this i am a unpaid endorser , Got to ask the Dra. Vicky for this in near future ha ha ha.The 90 day challenge just started , i am up for it . God help me :-)

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