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Steve R @steve

Used to play a lot of football and rugby, but then got the marathon bug in 2003, and have been doing marathons, ultras and Ironman since - so far - 13 marathons, a few ultras & 2 Ironman events. Seem incapable of doing wall squats tho!

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Steve R I love Tribesports Tribe

With all the will in the world we can't be seeing all conversations/topics etc - I got an email from a community member, and we got right back onto it. You are always welcome to email me directly on steve at tribesports dot com when you think some...

Steve R I love Tribesports Tribe

Guys - a big apology seems to be owed. We put a challenge approval filter in place a year and a bit ago to ensure that the quality of the challenges was maintained - we did this based on your feedback. We let ourselves and you down, and following...

Steve R

Steve R posted on the Tribesports blog Take the Jantastic New Year Challenge!

We're delighted to announce our partnership with Jantastic - the New Year fitness challenge.

If you've not heard of it - Jantastic is a unique and exciting free digital challenge that gives individuals and teams the structure and motivation to...

Steve R
Commuter cycling today including a PR on Guildford cycle home to get back to takeover bathtime/bedtime. Facilitated by drafting another cyclist much of route - sorry about that whoever you are - stealing your hard effort

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Steve R
Cycling home

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Steve R
Cycle commuting yesterday and Tuesday

Nice. Bet it saves you a ton on gas. Just hope you shower before you sit next to your coworkers!

Isabelle C and Chris C encouraged this.

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