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Steve R @steve

Used to play a lot of football and rugby, but then got the marathon bug in 2003, and have been doing marathons, ultras and Ironman since - so far - 13 marathons, a few ultras & 2 Ironman events. Seem incapable of doing wall squats tho!

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Steve R Bournemouth Marathon 2014 Challenge

Playmakergold Steve R created the Bournemouth Marathon 2014 Challenge

Stunning sea views, fresh crisp clean air and the very best of bournemouth and poole is on show as the south coast is home to an international marathon. this is the perfect natural environment for “running as it should be”. be a part of it! th...

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Steve R

Contributorgold Steve R Inspired and jealous of the buzz at the start of London marathon. What autumn marathon are we going to do @andrew?


I was just thinking the same thing. We should definitely get one booked. Could be tempted by Dublin @brendad. A friend of mine is running Tallinn...

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Could be tempted by Dublin yep. Will also loo


Look around for other options to tick a new one off. Plus to put @andrew on unfamiliar ground and a course where I am not haunted by my defeat!

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Steve R
Cycle commute to station the long way round via gomshall and west clandon. Hilly on a fold up bike!

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