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Michelle B @stircrazyshell

Business owner (kids indoor fun centre) & busy mom of 4.
I love to run, weight train & Zumba & Bodyrock to keep fit.
Goofy marathon is on my bucket list but right now training for my first fitness comp in Oct!

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Baldy John - Michelle B

Contributorgold Baldy John - Well as I've being off line for a while I decided that I'd pick a page on my followers and go say you're on that page, so "HELLO".......have a great morning, day, evening, night wherever you may be in the world and most of all....."Keep Smiling" :-)

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Michelle B

Contributorgold Michelle B Hello everyone
My business is in the running for a # of awards and contests. Please vote. This one requires a quick facebook vote only.
If we win the money will be invested in our franchisinf plans for our business
Thanks all

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