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Sunny S @sunny.sharmaa

In a week I get three times scantly dressed or ride my love alot like a maniac. Ohh yeah... I am talking about my favorite sports Swimming and Biking ;) . Last two months I have done these two things alot and taking caution that I do not get injured. Love to swim because I learned it recently and want to improve it as much as possible.

Wish to participate in Swim event and to add in my accomplishment before August 2014.

Like to go for Long rides on my bike.(not the one in profile pic...but similar).

Thanks for the encourages and follows.

Started my crossfit on ramps. End of next week I am all clear !!

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Contributorsilver Sunny S 20 bike 3 run 10 run 10 walk
516/ 10085.76 to see @euniceyeo :)


10 kms I did at one of the most beautiful places in germany !! F├╝ssen. On saturday there was a run for ten kilmeters.

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Sunny S Eurovision multi-event challenge Challenge

Contributorsilver Sunny S +800 (100PU, 500C, 200SQ) to germany
UK 144,558
Italy : 64,235
Sweden : 32,282
Germany : 28,731
Ireland : 2,060
Portugal : 370
Others : 502

Shoulder in recovery

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Contributorsilver Sunny S We started the challenge with Santas trailing the distance by 1000 kms and few days and trailing is 80 kms. Common Snowy's..


Have a nice time buddy,enjoy the holiday,,,,dont worry about biking we will do it for you :):)

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thank you, i will for sure... i will bike some as well when i come back, just to keep the pace up ;)

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