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Barbara M @thetrisurvivor

On a nice day in summer I do a triathlon, fly Microlights, Fishing, I have just published my book surviving bone cancer & missed my chance getting to the IM Start Line, but Volunteering at Ironman NZ rocks! My current book cover (will be updated soon) is a thank you to Triathlon that saved my life.

It is amazing what you can do when you've been told your going to die by an oncologist.

I have written in my book all that I ate and all that I did to survive and still be here 6 years later so just maybe it might help someone.

You can read more about me at with lots of photos :) and a link to read a few pages of my book where you can read the start of my Half Ironman race:) My story/book takes you through two Half IM races, some romance and a huge rocky adventure! enjoy :)

I have also made a tribute page to Tribesports Readers and it is just humbling reading their kind words - click to have a read of them:

Thanks for visiting my blogsite and Tribesports Profile :)

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Giorgio C Barbara  M

Contributorgold Giorgio C Hi Barbara, thanks for the follow, and welcome back to TS - enjoy your new start


Hi Giorgio, thanks for following me too :) I visited Rome back in 1992 and had such a wonderful time and had Gelato ice creams every day lol You have a very beautiful city! :) Happy training :)

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Callie C Barbara  M

Contributorgold Callie C Kia Ora Barbara. Just checking in to see how you are? Have started reconnecting again with Tribesports :)


Kia Ora Callie :) yeah I have been a stranger on the TS as well and just starting to get back and see whats new :) I love their sports cloths but have to wait for may savings to improve to get them :) I was thinking of you the other day when I hear the Tri out at Karipiro :) Did you enter?

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Ae I went to an event over at motutapu one of the islands by Rangitoto and saw some TS tops. Went up to say hello lol. No didn't go down to Trimaori this weekend. I am just slowly getting back into regular activity. So much harder in Auckland that when I was up home surrounded by whanau trying to be active. How is your health? Love your blogs on your website:)

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Yeah, Auckland is tough in every way...... parking, getting around and just everything lol but is easy if ya got lotsa money lol I enjoy visiting Auckland and like getting back home :) I lived in Auckland for 8 years and didn't save $0.01 cent! lol if anything I think I came home in the negative lol Oh my blog site :) I have been rather quiet on the blogs - been a slacker really ... it is mostly because my life is so "miss boring" like 'eat, gym, sleep, repeat'. My health got knocked around in March - Volunteering at Ironman crucified me - my arthritis gave me a right wallop afterwards and only now climbing out of the gutter. Have a new programme at the gym, so well happy with it and making tiny progress with increasing the weights - especially in the tricep pushdowns and Lateral pull machines :) I take baby steps but at least I am going forward lol

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Sonia V Barbara  M

Contributorgold Sonia V Hi Barbara .. Thanks for following :-) :-) apologies for my late reply .. Well done - great bio .. Great determination :-) good luck with the rest of your challenges... Take care ..

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Barbara  M Darin B

Contributorgold Barbara M Hi Darin, thanks for following me :) I agree with you how fabulous TS is I have made some wonderful friends via TS - it is the most outgoing, supportive, encouraging and friendly social media site I know :) Hope your training is going well and your having a fabulous day :)

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Richard H Barbara  M

Contributorgold Richard H Barbara, thank you for the follow. Great bio! Good luck with your training!

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Hi Richard thanks for following me too :) When I read you were a Master Chief in the Navy, I thought immediately of G.I. Jane :) wow, you must be super fit and am in awe of the Navy S.E.A.L.S I hope your Body Building is going well! I had to drag my arthritic bod to the gym today, once I got there it wasn't too bad and managed a semi decent upper body workout with the plank and side plank thrown in for good measure :)

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