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Claire L @tuvaurat

Well here is to the New Year and all it holds, excited for it, looking forward to increasing my fitness and improving my health, being a little crazy and completing as many challenges to help reach my goals. Got an idea what I want to achieve by the end of the year.

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run 1K in 6 minutes or under Challenge (do a triathlon) - There is no TRI .... either do or do not Challenge Complete your first Triathlon Challenge Triathlon day Challenge Go running every other day for 2 weeks Challenge Lose a stone in weight Challenge Complete 7 different sports in 1 week Challenge Bike 2x your Age! Challenge Friday Run 4+ Miles Challenge Thursday Run 5+ Miles Challenge Wednesday Run 1+ Miles Challenge Tuesday Run 2+ Miles Challenge Go for a run with plenty of hills :):) Challenge Exercise every day for 2 months Challenge Swim 10 times  Challenge Run at least 1 mile 4 times in a week - Build your miles series! Challenge Exercise with a training buddy to push you harder Challenge Swim 250 meters freestyle/front crawl Challenge Run 21km in a week Challenge Train Twice a day for two days. Challenge Sunday afternoon bike ride Challenge Run 1km in 10 mins Challenge Log 20 Km of Running within 1 month. Challenge Swim in gym Challenge Four in a Day Challenge Increase lung capacity  Challenge NO BREAD FOR 7 DAYS Challenge
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