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My goal is to be fitter as I get older and be a role model for the people around me. If I can inspire even one single person to be healthier then I will be happy. I want to compete with nobody but myself. I am also working hard to accept what my body can do for me on any given day instead of looking at what it cannot do. Hard work, perseverance and commitment is my new found motto.

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Contributorgold Audrey D Greta job on all those achievements but especially for quitting smoking. And walking your dogs. I'm a vet so I can only find that wonderful.


Thanks Audrey :) keep up the fantastic work......& thanks for the return follow!

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Audrey D completed 3 Challenges

Complete your first Duathlon Challenge Run & Complete 42K in July 2013 Challenge Tour de Tribesports Challenge
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Audrey D GIRLS VS BOYS CYCLING *Grudge Match 2* - FIRST TO 50,000km Challenge Challenge

Contributorgold Audrey D July 1st: 22.76 miles; July 3rd: 12.08 miles; July 9th: 31.1 miles; July 13th: 28.52; July 21st: 35.56 miles; July 29th: 16 miles; July 30th: 12.2 miles
TOTAL: 158.22 miles or 254.73 km
Boys: 45, 574.23
Girls: 42, 047.17

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